Homemade Chocolate Pocky

How to make pocky

Thirsty for Tea

If you aren’t already familiar, Pocky are those easy-to-eat stick biscuit cookies from Japan that come in that catchy red box.  These handy and delicious biscuits are popular enough now that you can commonly find them in the Asian food aisle of your local market.  Having an almost cult-like following, Pocky are easily the most loved cookie in Asian American culture, like an Oreo cookie of the East!

Pocky are really such a perfect snack, you may wonder why anyone would ever bother making them at home.  My answer to this is that making Pocky at home is almost as delightfully fun as getting to eat them.  For me, the challenge is making them with as much precision as possible, the way I imagine they are made at the Pocky factory, wherever that may be.

I’m doing a Pocky Series this week, where I’ll be sharing 3 easy recipes for…

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